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Mint Statistics: Kennedy Halves – What is their Future?

An interesting Letter to the Editor came in this week in which the reader was questioning the need to continue producing the Kennedy Half dollars for collectors, which got us looking at the Mint sales of those a bit closer. Released on May 1 this year, sales of both the two-roll sets and 200-coin bags increased by about 500 units each since last week. Looking at the three-year sales numbers, sales do seem to be declining each year. So do collectors still want these uncirculated Kennedy halves? Or is it time for something new? Send us your thoughts for this week’s poll!

As expected, the 2019 proof sets continue their climbs, with the clad set increasing 11,308 and the silver set adding 7,549. The uncirculated set added 13,465. All bigger week over week gain than reported last week.

The 2019-W proof silver Eagle increased 1.23%, going from 276,440 last week to 279,830 this week. Similarly, the 2019-W uncirculated silver Eagle increased, but by 5.67%, now at 86,802.

No news to report for bullion, as the Mint did not record any sales of 2019 Bullion Eagles or gold Buffalos.

New this week is the first sales figures for the 2019 War in the Pacific quarters roll and bags as well as the five-ounce coin. First week sales of five-ounce coins are on pace with others released in 2019 as well as 2018.