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Mint Statistics: Interest in ‘S’ proof Eagle plummets

Weekly sales of 2018-S proof silver American Eagles declined by three-quarters compared to last week. Just 5,006 were taken by buyers. As low as this number is, sales of the 2018-W proof silver Eagle were lower still at 2,692. However the “W” proof has been on sale since January. The “S” began in the middle of August.

Total “W” proofs are 306,343. Total “S” proofs are 119,125. It would take the “S” proof almost a year and a half to equal the “W” at the present rate of sales. Will they still be sold at the beginning of the year 2020?

The palladium American Eagle had no trouble selling out in minutes. The Mint’s official sales figure below is 14,796.

Remember the platinum proof Eagle? The Mint sold 134 of those in the past week.

Proof sets of 2018 are still moving along. Buyers took 6,282 clad sets and 3,103 silver sets.


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