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Mint Statistics: Innovation dollar coin has a good week

American Innovation dollars showed a renewed spark of life by adding 18,526 to the running total. It now stands at 142,494. This number will continue growing until all collectors with the 2018 proof set have ordered the proof coin that was not included in it.

Platinum American Eagle bullion coins rose by 2,800 to 25,600. This is nearing the 2018 full-year total of 30,000.

Click here for commentary on the gold and silver Eagle bullion coins.

Gold Buffalo bullion coins have reached 22,500. There is a week to go before the full month numbers are known. The January 2018 Buffalo total was 24,000. Will 2019 beat it?

The proof Buffalo gold of 2018 needs another 467 before it will equal the 2017 total.

Take note of the commemorative totals below. Next week, the Apollo coins will push them aside.


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