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Mint Statistics: Five-ounce silver leads latest sales

Block Island 5-ounce silver quarters are popular. The bullion version saw 80,000 taken away by buyers. That beats the other four designs by significant numbers. The next highest sales total is the 5-ounce Cumberland Island at 52,500. The first three designs of 2018 were just 30,000 each.

You have to go back to the first issue of 2016 for the Shawnee National Forest to see a sales number that is higher at 105,000.

The 5-ounce coin was the only bullion coin action in the last seven days. No gold or silver Eagles or gold Buffaloes were sold. Buyers are undoubtedly thinking about their needs for 2019-dated pieces.

Holiday shoppers are still buying clad 2018 proof sets. Another 15,117 have been sold. The silver set sales number was up by 6,735. Mint set buyers took 4,797 more of these. The running totals are 433,962, 276,398, and 217,776, respectively.


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