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Mint Statistics: Eagle Soaring Lower Than Usual

New to Mint Statistics this week is the 2019-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle.The Mint launched sales for this coin on Thursday, June 13.With just four days of sales recorded on this week’s report, the total of 1,467 represents one of the slower starts in many years. In 2018, sales began at 4,149, while 2017 dipped to 1,881.2016 and 2015 were both up, recording 2,968 and 2,157 respectively.

Some positive news on the American Legion releases is that the American Legion Silver Dollar and Medal Set gained nearly 300 more, bringing the first month of sales to 9,354.Only 10,000 of them will be available. 

The War in the Pacific coins continue to grow, with the 3-coin set gaining 191, the five-ounce coin increasing by 915 and the quarter bags and rolls increasing overall by 1,045.

Silver bullion didn’t move since last week, staying at 550,000 ounces, while the gold one-ounce added 1,000 to its total and is sitting at 3,500 for June.

Collectors continue to purchase the 2019 proof sets. The 10-coin clad set is now up to 344,860, a gain of 9,566 since last week, and the 10-coin silver proof set increased to 259,382, adding 6,253 over the past week.