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Mint Statistics: Don’t ration your attention to Eagles

Silver American Eagle bullion coin rationing is now in effect until the end of 2018. Who saw this coming after months of slow sales? This week, the Mint vended an additional 925,000 Eagle coins to bring the September running total to 1,962,500. The tally for the year to date is now 11,200,000.

Sales of the 2018-S proof silver Eagle rose by 6,476 pieces. Collectors have now purchased 125,601 of these compared to 308,557 of the 2018-W proofs.

Clad 2018 proof sets increased by 7,261 to reach 348,037. Only 214,546 to go in order to equal sales of the 2017 clad proof set. Remember, though, the Christmas rush has not kicked in yet.

Silver 2018 proof sets moved ahead by 2,834, bringing the running total to 227,322.

The Cumberland Island 5-ounce bullion coin stands at 52,500. This is 22,500 more than the previous Voyageurs issue.


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