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Mint Statistics: Current sellout watch like paint drying

World War I Centennial Silver Dollar and Medal Sets have gone back on sale. Sales figures below have inched up a tad for all five sets. Whether the Mint can resell all of the sets that were returned is another question.

The 2018 San Francisco Silver Reverse Proof Set gained 18,730 to reach 164,119. Two more weeks like this would reach the magic sellout figure of 200,000.

That’s just another of a number of Mint items that might have sold out but did not do so. The 2018 uncirculated gold American Eagle added 261 to reach 6,815. This is well short of the 10,000 maximum. A gain of 543 brings the 2018 proof platinum Eagle to 10,956. The maximum is 20,000.

The winner for being the furthest out of the running is the 2018 American Liberty tenth-ounce gold piece. Sales stand at 22,711. This is 112,289 short of a 135,000-piece sellout.


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