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Mint Statistics: Clever Marketing Boosts American Legion Silver Dollars Sales

All 10,000 of the mintage limit of the American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof Silver Dollar and Medal sets sold out. With a retail price of $99.95, it’s a clever way for the Mint to move an additional 10,000 units of the proof silver dollar which has sold 29,546. This is likely because the silver medal included in the set can only be purchased in the set and is not available individually. It’s not a deal though, really, as each product is 99.9 percent silver and weighs 26.730 grams, and if the two were both individually priced at $49.95, you’d be looking at $99.90 anyway. 

The Mint still isn’t reporting any sales for gold bullion yet in July. This is curious, as July has been a strong month for gold bullion sales the past two years, compared with the other months in the year.Silver bullion sales doubled from last week, increasing from 165,000 ounces to 337,000 ounces this week.

The 2019 uncirculated coin set increased by 2,517, with the clad proof set adding 3,613. The silver proof set added 3,009. Within the collector Eagles sales section you’ll see an increase of 991 on the 2019 uncirculated gold Eagle, bringing the total to 4,715.The product released on June 13, a month earlier than the 2018 issue was released last year.After a month of sales last year, the 2018 issue sold 7,028, which is significantly more than the 2019 issue has sold in just a month.

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