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Mint Statistics: Buyers pause as year comes to end

We have just passed Christmas week where “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Collectors weren’t moving either, judging by sales results up to Dec. 30. Proof set sales tailed off dramatically to just 2,896. In recent weeks buyers had been carrying off four and five times that number.

American Innovation dollar sales moved ahead. Proofs gained 6,325. Rolls and bags advanced as well.

Those who follow bullion coins will see that silver American Eagles inched ahead by 140,000 coins. Gold one-ounce coins added just 1,000. For the month, the sales totals were 490,000 and 3,000, respectively.

A figure that I noticed is the number of 2018 tenth-ounce gold Eagles. At 13,600, it is well ahead of the 11,163 individual proofs sold in 2017. This is the only proof gold Eagle option where that is true. The proof Buffalo ounce is 713 behind 2017.


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