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Mint Statistics: Bullion buyers stay focused on gold

Interest in gold American Eagle bullion coins continues in the latest week. Sales are up by another 8,000 one-ounce coins. There are four months in 2017 where that weekly figure either beats or ties the whole month. Not a bad way to end the year if you are a gold speculator, is it?

There was no follow-through for silver Eagle bullion coins. Not a single additional coin was added to the running monthly total.

Buyers took another 10,767 standard clad proof sets. This brings the running tally to 533,288. Silver proof sets rose by 6,322 to reach 324,318. Which proof set owner will be happier with his purchase in five years’ time?

Proof silver American Eagle coins rose by 5,250. So as the year was drawing to a close, 363,630. There is enough time for the number to push even higher, but it won’t equal the 580,944 2016 proof coins sold.


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