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Mint Statistics: Bullion buyers ignore gold American Eagles

Not a single, solitary gold American Eagle bullion coin was sold since last week’s column. However, silver American Eagle bullion coins showed some life, adding 270,000 pieces to the monthly total. It now stands at 435,000 with two weeks to go.

Gold proof American Eagle totals moved ahead. The tenth ounce was the most popular option. It added 1,210 to bring the running total to 3,761. The four-coin set rose by 945 to reach 3,748. The one-ounce coin rose by 506 to 1,828, the half ounce moved ahead by 164 to 701 and the quarter ounce was up 246 to 987.

The one-ounce proof platinum American Eagle actually declined by 36 to 9,419.

For the proof silver American Eagle, there was a gain of 5,241 to 255,141.

The proof tenth-ounce American Liberty coin sales of 885 increased the running total to 19,426.


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