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Mint Statistics: Breast Cancer Awareness gold starts strong

Pink gold attracted buyers to the Breast Cancer Awareness commemorative program. In less than a week, this program is already closing in on Boys Town gold coin demand for the entire year of 2017. So far, 8,354 Breast Cancer Awareness $5 coins have been purchased, combining proof and uncirculated numbers. Last year, 10,294 gold $5s were sold for Boys Town among its various sales options.

Unless something strange happens, Breast Cancer Awareness gold should beat out Boys Town in the next few weeks.

Not a single, solitary gold American Eagle bullion coin has been sold now for two weeks. Silver American Eagle bullion coins advanced by 195,000 to reach 630,000 for the month of March.

Rolls and bags of 2018 Native American dollars took big steps backwards. The $250 boxes lost nearly a third of the coins previously reported as sold.


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