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Mint Statistics: Boys Town focus of year-end buyers

As the year 2017 came to an end, collectors were putting in their purchases for Boys Town commemoratives. In terms of sheer numbers, buyers zeroed in on the uncirculated silver dollar. They took 703 in the week to push total sales to 12,313. That is still a fairly low number. The proof dollar rose by only 263 coins to 26,119.

The uncirculated Boys Town clad half dollar advanced by 502 to reach 15,561. The clad proof moved up by 285 to 17,681. The individual proof Boys Town $5 rose by nearly 10 percent. The increase of 163 coins took the running total to 1,844. The uncirculated coin actually fell by 47 even though it has been marked sold out for weeks.

The three-coin Boys Town proof set saw sales of 79 for the week. For the year the number is 5,432.

Proof silver Eagles rose by 3,072 to 369,356. The uncirculated added just a few to reach 139,610.


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