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Mint Statistics: Apollo coins touch down in this report

A box for the Apollo 11 commemorative coins has been added to the report below to begin the annual redesign process. Old coins go off sale. New coins are added. No Apollo sales options have sold out yet. The 5-ounce proof is the first cupped coin of that size.

The Apollo silver dollar is the first commemorative dollar made of .999 fine silver.

The American Legion commemoratives go on sale March 14. The box below is ready for the numbers when the program begins.

The 2018-S proof silver American Eagle is now listed as currently unavailable on the Mint’s website. Buyers have taken 158,785. That’s about 85,000 fewer than the 2018-W proof silver Eagle. The American Innovation proof dollar moved ahead by 8,499 to reach 150,993.

Thomas Jefferson silver medals are now available. Total sales stand at 5,017.


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