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Mint Statistics: American Eagles jingle all the way

One good sales week deserves another as far as silver American Eagle bullion coins go. In the last seven days, the Mint has sold an additional 590,000 of these. This has nearly doubled the monthly total to 1,270,000. It will take just 160,000 more for the November total to equal October’s 1,430,000. That seems in the bag. But we will see. About this time of the year, the Mint stops selling the old year to concentrate on accumulating a supply for the new year.

Clad proof sets continue to move ahead. Many of them will likely find themselves in Christmas stockings across the nation. In a week, buyers nabbed 11,861 more of the 2018 clad proof set and 5,424 of the silver proof set.

The 2018-S Limited Edition Silver Proof Set downshifted yet again with just 1,154 sold.

Block Island quarters have been posted in the chart below.


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