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Mint Statistics: 2019 bullion numbers jump day by day

The rush for 2019 bullion coins means that the figures below are different from the story here, which was about the first day of sales. As January goes along, more and more bullion coins are sold.

Since the monthly numbers for January below will be the same as year-to-date totals, I am being slow in making space for 2019 coins. Never fear; come February, there will be 2019 running totals.

American Innovation dollar proof coins are on backorder. I received an anxious email from a reader when the website indicated the coins were unavailable for a time. Since there is no mintage limit, that seemed strange, but apparently collector demand has simply outrun the Mint’s initial supplies. The current number sold is 117,972, up 38,249 from last week.

Speaking of currently unavailable, the 2018-S proof silver Eagle has that designation. Sales were up by just 7.


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