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Mint releases plethora of product

A number of new coins and coin sets have arrived at the U.S. Mint. First up is the 2016 Presidential dollar uncirculated set, released March 29 and saw 23,091 sets purchased. Next up is the 2016 quarters uncirculated set, which began sales March 30 and stands at 14,250 units sold. March 31 then marked the first day for the 2016 American Buffalo gold proof coin with 12,001 ordered. Lastly, the 2016 clad proof set arrived April 1 with 185,624 sets bought. All sales figures are through April 3.

Bullion coin sales marched into April sluggishly after a slow March. Totals through April 6 came to 11,000 one-, 1,000 half-, 2,000 quarter- and 10,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles. Silver Eagles amounted to 1,121,500 coins ordered while gold Buffaloes saw 2,000 coins go out the door in the same time period.

The 2014 50th anniversary Kennedy half dollar four-coin silver set is no longer available on the Mint’s site, with collectors having ordered 221,134 sets total.

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