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Mint launches first of Kennedy sets

Signals of a Kennedy coin buying frenzy are here. On July 24, the Mint released the 50th Anniversary Kennedy half dollar uncirculated set. Collectors bought 84,593 sets over four days.

Consumers also show interest in the 2014 Kennedy half dollar two-roll sets having bought 25,014 sets, up from the 23,312 at last report. This surpasses sales of the 2013 Kennedy half dollar two-roll sets, which stand at 24,393.

Sales have been strong for the Great Smoky Mountains quarter three-coin set. Buyers purchased 15,413 so far, more than the three America the Beautiful (ATB) three-coin sets that came before it.

Sales of bullion coins remained slow as July wound down. Only 1,500 1-ounce gold and 285,000 1-ounce silver Eagles were sold in the latest week.

The Mint sold an additional 1,000 gold Buffaloes during that time.

No platinum Eagles, fractional gold Eagles or America the Beautiful 5-ounce bullion coins were sold since last report.

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