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Mint issues Ike dollar, Truman Spouse

The United States Mint has once again released an Eisenhower dollar. The Ike Presidential dollar went on sale April 13 with 29,051 Philadelphia and 26,869 Denver 25-coin rolls, 752 Philadelphia and 731 Denver 100-coin bags and 2,806 Philadelphia and 2,468 Denver $250 boxes sold as of April 19.

The Bess Truman First Spouse gold coin began orders April 16 with 758 uncirculated and 1,155 proof coins purchased by April 19.

Authorized Purchasers began ordering Kisatchie 5-ounce silver bullion coins with 29,500 coins sold by April 22.

The Mint reported it has sold out of the Harding and Coolidge Presidential dollar 25-coin rolls as well as the 2014 Native American dollar coin rolls and $250 boxes. It also labelled the Smoky Mountains quarter three-coin set and Edith Roosevelt First Spouse proof gold coin as currently unavailable, meaning more may be sold at a later date.

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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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