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Mint begins yearly coin sales exodus

At the end of each year, the United States Mint begins wrapping up certain coin sales, such as the year’s commemoratives as well as past year’s mint and proof sets.

The 2014 silver proof set has been pulled, with buyers purchasing 429,495 sets as of Dec. 20. The 2014 uncirculated and clad proof sets will soon follow, along with the 2014 Presidential and America the Beautiful quarters proof sets.

The following sold out notices are not part of the Mint’s scheduled product cutoff.
The 2015 uncirculated American gold Eagle one-ounce coin has ended sales with 6,490 reported sold by Dec. 20.

The 2015 Happy Birthday set is listed as currently unavailable and it remains to be seen if it will return. The set does not have a product limit listed. The set’s sales total of 14,249 sold surpasses that of 2014’s (12,674) and 2013’s (11,381) sets.

Finally, the 2015 Bombay Hook 5-ounce silver uncirculated collector’s coin is sold out with 17,258 coins bought by Dec. 20.

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