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Mint Stats: Medals sell out, but watch those 9s

Until precise numbers are offered by the Mint, I provisionally have put sales numbers for the “S” and “W” silver Liberty medals at 12,500 each on the opposite page. As the front page explains, they sold out in less than five minutes.


Ever watch your automobile odometer roll over to a nice round number? If you like that sort of thing, cast your eyes on the sales numbers for the National Park Service silver dollar and gold $5 proofs. The former stands at 49,999 and the latter at 3,999. Talk about summertime fun.

Numbers are not moving too rapidly for any of the regular collector sets and individual coins. Buyers took 1,708 more 2016 uncirculated coin sets, bringing the ongoing total to 188,834. The 2016 proof set number advanced 3,844 to 360,245. The silver proof set increased by 2,531 to 248,013.

You might not ever think about the 2016 uncirculated one-ounce gold Eagle, but buyers took 32 more of these to bring the sales total to 5,417.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.
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