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Mark Twain silver dollar coins released

The 2016 Mark Twain silver dollar coins have finally arrived as orders began Feb. 1. The Mint estimates around 23,900 proof and 9,600 uncirculated coins were purchased in the first day of sales. The coins were to be released Jan. 14 alongside the Twain gold $5 piece, but an error on the certificates of authenticity forced a delay.

The 2016 Native American dollar coins are now available. Released on Jan. 27, collectors have purchased 9,184 Philadelphia and 709 Denver 25-coin rolls, 532 Philadephia and 9,095 Denver 100-coin bags and 883 Philadelphia and 865 Denver 250-coin boxes by Jan. 31.

February bullion sales amount to 7,000 one-ounce and 10,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles sold along with 1,020,500 silver Eagles by Feb. 3. American gold Buffalo sales came in at just 500 coins.

The March 1 Mint Statistics will have many sold out products removed to make room for new listings. Save these pages if you wish to refer to those numbers later.

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