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March of Dimes, gold Eagle proofs on sale

First day sales of the March of Dimes commemorative silver dollar, which released on March 13, are low with only 7,940 uncirculated and 16,436 proof coins sold. A three-coin set featuring the proof commemorative and two dimes comes out on May 4.

The 2015 proof gold American Eagle collector coins went on sale March 12. Buyers ordered 3,224 one-ounce, 914 half- ounce, 1,114 quarter-ounce and 2,967 tenth-ounce coins along with 3,109 four- coin proof sets as of March 15.

Collectors are there for the 2015 Presidential dollar proof set became available March 10. The United States Mint reported 110,863 sets were sold between release and March 15. This represents half of the current total for the 2014 set.

The 2014 uncirculated gold American Eagle ounce is out of stock and possibly sold out with just 7,902 purchased.

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