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Low metal prices increase Eagle sales

Entering a new month, it’s clear low precious metals prices have increased sales and sparked consumer interest. One-ounce gold American Eagle bullion sold 10,000 coins in the first few days of June. In addition, 10,000 tenth-ounce gold American Eagles were sold at the same time. If the prices remain low and the interest remains high, June could be a better month for bullion sales than May was.

Going off sale this past week was the 2013 Taft 25-count dollar coin roll from Philadelphia, which sold 49,849 units since its launch.

The 2014 one-ounce Buffalo proof has sold 13,300, up 743 coins from last week.

Silver American Eagles are selling well to investors with 620,000 bullion pieces snapped up in the in the first three days of June. Collector silver Eagles saw sales of 12,675 proof and 1,325 uncirculated coins since last week’s report.

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