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Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Starts Strong

New in this week’s reporting is the 2019 limited edition silver proof set.

It contains eight silver coins: an American Eagle one-ounce silver proof coin with “S” mintmark, the five 2019-dated America the Beautiful quarters, a Kennedy half dollar and a Roosevelt dime.

The set made a strong debut with 29,691 sold in the four days since its release on Oct 17.

This week’s top sellers are once again the 2019 silver-clad proof set and silver proof set. The clad set climbed from 440,190 to 449,313 for a 2% increase week over week, and the silver proof set made a smaller gain from 318,676 to 323, 590 for a 1.5% increase.

Of note, this week is a larger-than-usual number of product whose totals decreased from the week prior.

The 2019 American Liberty 2.5-ounce silver medal went down by a whopping 679. A couple other products that showed drops are the 2019 American Eagle palladium proof 1-ounce coin that decreased by 261 and the American Memorial Park quarter 40-coin roll that went down by 80.

The Mint must be making a push to reconcile their books at the moment! It will be interesting to watch the movement of these numbers in the coming weeks.