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Latest enhanced unc. dollar on sale

Even with a higher mintage of 90,000 and a $1 price increase, buyers proved their enhanced uncirculated coin enthusiasm by buying 51,605 2015 Coin and Currency sets featuring a 2015-W enhanced uncirculated Native American dollar and a Series 2013 $1 note since its release on Aug. 24.

The 2015-W Lady Bird Johnson gold coin, last of the 2015 First Spouse coins, went on sale Aug. 27. Collectors ordered 933 uncirculated and 1,287 proof coins by Aug. 30.

It appears the Mint has reduced production on Presidential dollar coin rolls as the Eisenhower 25-coin rolls are currently unavailable. Buyers ordered 39,526 Philadelphia and 37,137 Denver rolls, sales data that is in line with the sold out Truman rolls totals.

September bullion sales began with 10,000 one-, 1,000 half- and 25,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles sold by Sept. 2. Purchasers also bought 3,500 gold Buffaloes and 245,000 silver Eagles.

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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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