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July gold eagle sales best yet in 2015

A weakening gold price has pushed sales of gold American Eagles to their best month yet in 2015. The United States Mint reported July 21 that it had sold 101,000 one-ounce, 6,000 half-ounce, 20,000 quarter-ounce and 95,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles for a total of 118,500 troy ounces of gold. This surpasses January, the previous highest sales month by 37,500 ounces.

The John F. Kennedy First Day Coin Cover went on sale July 16. By July 19, collectors purchased 14,722 sets.

The Mint has sold out of the 2013 White Mountain three-coin sets with 18,038 sets sold.

The Mint placed a new product, a 2015 coin and currency set, on its schedule for new releases. It is to go on sale Aug. 24. The Mint has not yet released any other details. Can we assume the 2015 coin and currency set will be similar to the 2014 release, which had an enhanced uncirculated Native American dollar and series 2013 $1 note?

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