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July bullion sales low; is August next?

July closed with the worst monthly bullion sales of the year for silver Eagles, America The Beautiful silver 5-ounce bullion, platinum Eagles and gold Buffaloes. Gold Eagles sales for July were the second-lowest of 2014.

No additional gold Buffaloes or Eagles were sold since last report. Only 50,000 more silver Eagles were sold during that time, bringing the July total to 1,975,000 — down from the previous 2014 monthly sales low of 2,692,000 posted in June.

August started off modestly, with 6,500 1-ounce, 2,000 quarter-ounce and 5,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles sold up to Aug. 5. At the same time, 575,000 silver Eagles and 1,500 gold Buffaloes were sold.

The Mint released the gold Kennedy half dollar to much fanfare Aug. 5; see page 1 for details. Sales online and at Mint retail locations were reported to be brisk, but numbers sold were not yet posted.

The Baseball Hall of Fame Young Collectors set went on sale July 28; 13,908 were sold up to Aug. 3.

The Harding Presidential dollar $250 Philadelphia box came off sale. During its run, box sales totaled 6,979 units.

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