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Johnson Presidential dollar releases

The final Presidential dollar for 2015, the Lyndon B. Johnson dollar coin, was released Aug. 18. By Aug. 23, collectors ordered 29,133 Philadelphia and 27,542 Denver 25-coin rolls, 685 Philadelphia and 657 Denver 100-coin bags and 2,202 Philadelphia and 3,032 Denver 250-coin boxes.

The 2014-W gold Kennedy half dollar has finally sold out after being on sale for over a year. Buyers ordered a total of 74,969 coins.

The Mint states the 2014 Everglades 5-ounce silver uncirculated coin is currently unavailable, meaning it may be sold out. Collectors purchased 22,735 coins, the lowest total sold of the 2014 5-ounce uncirculated coins. The Great Sand Dunes 5-ounce coin is the only 2014 release still available.

Order numbers for the 2015-W High Relief American Liberty gold coin slip further back with a net return of 1,081 coins between Aug. 16 and Aug. 26. The total sold now stands at 41,330 coins.

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