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Johnson ends 2015 Chronicles releases

The United States Mint released the last of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles sets on Oct. 27. The Lyndon B. Johnson Chronicles set sold out in just under four hours after its arrival. Collectors purchased 24,221 sets as of Nov. 1.

The Mint announced Nov. 4 that it has delayed the release of the 2015 Limited Edition Silver Proof set. Originally scheduled to go on sale Nov. 23, the Mint says its new release date has yet to be determined. The 2014 set encountered delays as well before finally releasing on March 17, 2015.

The 2013 Presidential dollar four-coin circulated set is nowhere to be found on the Mint’s website. No notice was made of the set’s sellout. Order totals for the set stand at 14,924.

November bullion sales begin slowly as the Mint reports just 1,500 one-ounce and 25,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles along with 500 gold Buffaloes and 763,500 silver Eagles ordered by Authorized Purchasers by Nov. 4.

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