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Indicators Point to Prosperous New Year


The January Florida United Numismatists (FUN) show is on the horizon as this market commentary is being written. The show is important as it kicks off the not only the new calendar year, but it typically sets the pace for shows as far out as the beginning of summer. Truly rare coins, many of which have been off the market for years, continue to make their re-appearance at auctions, demonstrating the confidence of their owners in the continuing strength of the rare coin market. Some of these highly desirable coins will make their appearance during FUN. The prices these will realize are important market coincidence barometers.

Couple this with high inflation, global uncertainty, strong precious metal prices and investors nervous about holding a position in the stock market, and you have reason to believe the market for coins is a good tangible asset for many non-collectors to consider. The upside is that some of these investors will recognize collectible coins to be a leisure as well as an investment activity, joining the ranks of coin collectors rather than moving on once equity markets stabilize and recover.

Coins continue to be recognized as an asset class by investors, this view being very important to both the future of the hobby and the business of coins. A new grading service is also on the horizon, a service that will be aimed at recent rather than older coins by using a one to 10 grading system more recognizable to participants in other collectible fields. Addressing recent issues via such a system may draw the interest of what are now non-collectors into this market segment. The new year is starting on an optimistic note. Enjoy it!