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High Relief not an instant sellout

Despite much anticipation for the 2015 gold American Liberty High Relief coin, it was not an instant sellout. Released on July 30, first day sales amounted to 36,686 coins. By Aug. 2, collectors bought an additonal 5,244 coins, bringing the total to 41,930.

August bullion sales started with 1,500 one-ounce and 2,000 quarter-ounce gold Eagles, 500 gold Buffaloes and 1,057,000 silver Eagles ordered by Aug. 4. July gold Eagle sales became the top month for 2015 at 170,000 total ounces. The 32,000 total ounces in gold Buffaloes fell short of January’s pace.

The Truman Presidential dollar 25-coin rolls have strangely sold out at the Mint. Data shows 39,693 Philadelphia and 37,632 Denver rolls ordered, well below totals for Roosevelt or Hoover rolls.

Sales totals for the Homestead 40-coin San Francisco roll have dropped back down to 4,464 rolls sold as of Aug. 2 after a sharp increase the week before.

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