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Mint Statistics: Harrison Presidential Medal Debuts

William H. Harrison Presidential medal. (Image courtesy U.S. Mint.)

William H. Harrison Presidential medal. (Image courtesy U.S. Mint.)

One new listing has been added this week: the William Henry Harrison Presidential medal. The 1-ounce, 99.9 percent fine silver piece honoring the ninth president of the United States has posted a sales total of 10,702 in its first week available to collectors. It trails the Martin Van Buren medal, released Feb. 1 of this year, by just 370.

Sales of the recently released 2021 silver proof set now total 180,260. This is a healthy jump of 8,060 in the last week.

The 2021 clad proof set has posted an impressive total of 263,297, up 7,212 from last week.

Of note this week is what you don’t see in the charts. May sales of gold and silver bullion American Eagles and gold Buffalo coins are not yet reflected in the Mint’s sales report. You will see zeroes across the board in these sections, and the year-to-date totals remain unchanged from last week.

The next big thing in Mint sales will be the first-round release of the 2021 silver Morgan dollars. Versions with “CC” and “O” privy marks become available May 23, with the “D” and “S” mintmark versions following on June 1. A quick sellout is expected, and we will definitely be watching.