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Gold sells while silver falters in June

Gold bullion did well in June. Buyers took 43,000 one-ounce gold American Eagles, the best sales since January.

In terms of total numbers of Eagle coins sold of all four sizes, sales in June were the best since April. April had been boosted by large numbers of the half-, quarter- and tenth-ounce gold American Eagles going to Authorized Purchasers.

Gold American Buffaloes sold the most since April, a total of 16,000.

However, bullion silver American Eagles saw their worst monthly results this year in June. Only 2,692,000 were sold. The next lowest month was February, with 3,750,000.

Platinum American Eagles saw a meager 700 vended in June, continuing with their poor trend this year.

The Arches three-coin set went on sale June 24. So far, 9,250 have sold.

Coming off sale were the $500 box options for all the 2013 Presidential dollars, both Philadelphia and Denver issues.

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