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Gold Mercury dime orders drop

After the 2016-W gold Centennial Mercury dime had a stunning sellout April 21 within an hour, the Mint has since audited sales and the total orders have dropped.

As of May 1, 119,920 coins were reported sold. In its previous report April 24, the Mint indicated 122,510 coins went out to collectors. Whether due to returns, canceled orders or inaccurate billing information, some coveted gold Mercury dimes went back to the Mint.

The Hoover First Spouse gold proof coin is listed as currently unavailable with 2,392 coins sold as of May 1.

May bullion sales have started with Authorized Purchasers ordering 7,500 one- and 5,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles, 3,000 gold Buffaloes and 675,500 silver Eagles.

Orders are stagnant for the latest 5-ounce silver bullion coin, as the Cumberland Gap issue remains at 64,000 purchased out of a 120,000 allotted mintage.

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