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Gold Kennedy sales taper off quickly

Sales have tapered off for the gold proof Kennedy half dollars. From Aug. 10 to Aug.17, only 1,180 were sold, a steep drop from the 62,341 that were sold from Aug. 5 to Aug. 10. The total sold as of Aug.17 is 63,521.

Several new products were launched since last report. The latest First Spouse gold coin, Lou Hoover, went on sale Aug. 14, selling 638 uncirculated and 955 proof coins up to Aug. 17.

Also released was the Harding President and First Spouse medal set, though numbers have yet to be recorded.

Going off sale was the 2013 uncirculated coin set, which sold 368,553 units since its release.

Also going off sale was the 2013 Roosevelt Chronicles set. Buyers purchased 15,139 sets.

Lastly, the Hoover Philadelphia $100 bags have gone off sale, selling 1,979 since their release.

The Platinum American Eagle has made a minor combeback, with 500 sold between Aug. 10 and 17, bringing the total to 700, which matches sales in June and makes up for none sold in July.

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