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Gold half ounce not cutting it?

Is gold Eagle buyer interest shifting towards the one- and tenth-ounce sizes? From May 18 to 25, the Mint reported a net return of 5,000 half-ounce gold Eagles. At the same time, the Authorized Purchasers ordered 17,000 one-, 8,000 quarter- and 35,000 tenth-ounce gold Eagles.

Orders began for the 2016 uncirculated mint set on May 18. Collectors bought 127,489 sets by May 22.

The Gerald R. Ford Coin Cover went on sale May 17, with 10,499 sets sold by May 22.

The 2015-W Mamie Eisenhower First Spouse gold proof coin is sold out at 2,704 coins.

Sales of the Cumberland Gap 5-ounce silver bullion coin woke up after remaing silent for several weeks. The Mint reported 9,000 coins were shipped out between May 18 to May 25.

The sold-out Eisenhower Coin Cover was removed from Mint Stats to make room. Final sales tally was 14,823 coins.

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