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Gold Eagle starts strong in September

It’s a roller coaster ride when it comes to Mint bullion sales. Sales are up at the start of September for the American Eagle one-ounce gold bullion coin with 15,500 purchased as of Sept. 9. Total August sales of the coin were 21,000, leaving only 5,500 more to sell in 21 days to match August sales.

September also marks the return of the American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coin after two months of no buyer interest, with 5,000 sold up to Sept. 9.

Sales were also well under way for the silver American Eagle, which sold 780,000 coins up to Sept. 9. Projected forward, September sales of the coin could easily surpass the low August sales of 2,007,500.

The Kennedy gold proof half dollar can’t catch a break as sales figures continue to go backward due to canceled orders and returns. On Aug. 31, the Mint reported 64,305 had sold. On Sept. 7, 63,927 were reported, a loss of 378.

Released Sept. 4 was the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse gold coin. Buyers purchased 629 uncirculated and 1,181 proof coins.

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