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Gold collector, bullion coins hot

Two highly anticipated Mint products arrived the week of April 18 to 22 and sales data shows collectors were buying gold coins in earnest.

The 2016 silver proof set went on sale April 18. As a cornerstone of the set collecting lineup for the year, collectors always look forward to this release. Sales of the new set through April 24 amounted to 176,733 units. Purchases are down slightly from the 2015 silver proof set, which saw 184,613 sets ordered upon release from May 14 to 17, 2015.

The other hot item was the 2016-W gold Centennial Mercury dime which appeared April 21, a throwback to the 1916 Mercury dime release. Collectors eagerly purchased it, leading to a sellout in less than an hour. Orders by April 24 stand at 122,510 coins.

Gold Eagle sales are up in April with 105,500 ounces ordered compared to March’s 38,000 ounces. Silver Eagles remain down by 34,000 coins while gold Buffaloes are up 12,500 coins.

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