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Mint Statistics: Gold Bullion Sales Posted for Start of June

Image courtesy United States Mint.

Image courtesy United States Mint.

No new products have been released by the U.S. Mint since our last Mint Statistics report last week. However, there is some movement for gold bullion in the first week-and-a-half in June.

2021 1-ounce gold Buffalo coin sales June to date are at 1,000, bringing the total of 2021 gold Buffalo sales to 167,000.

For bullion American Eagle coins, gold 1-ounce Eagles have been posted at 4,000 so far in the month of June. That brings their 2021 total to 430,500.

No sales have been recorded for the 1/2-, 1/4- or 1/10-ounce versions, so you will see goose eggs in those entries. Likewise for the 1-ounce platinum and silver Eagles.

It is of interest to note that, while the 2021 Morgan silver dollars with “CC” and “O” privy marks sold out in the blink of an eye, the Mint sales report denotes a decrease from last week’s numbers, which were both 174,235. The “CC” version has come down by 231 pieces, while the “O” version has seen a drop of 321. The Mint is likely in the process of reconciling its numbers, but it will be interesting to see when the official mintage total of 175,000 is recorded.