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Full Speed Ahead for Collectible Coins


Coin collecting is not alone. All forms of collectibles, antiques and fine art are rising in value. Much of this may have been initially triggered by the lockdowns during the worst days of the coronavirus pandemic, but now that most of the United States has re-opened, it appears the interest in these tangible assets is continuing and may be increasing in popularity. 

The sale of Pokemon cards increased by 574 percent between 2019 and 2020, according to eBay. 

Gold bugs and those who either collector or invest in gold coins are seeing an unusual scenario unfold. The spot price of gold usually increases due to fears of inflation. Instead, the recent spike in the value of bullion and bullion-impacted gold coins appears to be influenced heavily by the performance of the dollar on the world market. Should inflation become a more serious concern in the long rather than in the short run,  the spot price of silver will likely increase as well. 

Silver, in fact, has leveled off, then declined modestly in price throughout the past month. While this has impacted the sale and price of silver American Eagles and other coins valued intrinsically, the price of collectible coins hasn’t budged. In fact, the more popular areas of coin collecting including cents and silver dollars continue to see more plus than minus signs. 

At the same time, the Federal Reserve recently acknowledged circulating coin shortages, with an estimated $48.5 million “sitting dormant” in piggy banks, couch cushions and the like. 

The current word is caution for bullion coins, but full speed ahead for collector coins.