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Mint Statistics: First Round of Morgans Gone in a Flash


The most highly anticipated Mint release of the year kicked off May 24 when the 2021 silver Morgan dollars with “CC” and “O” privy marks became available for pre-sale. If you blinked, you most likely missed it.

Amid Mint website malfunctions due to what it called “extraordinary volumes” of traffic – and the majority of collectors coming away empty-handed – supplies of each of the dollars were snapped up in a flash. (Read the Mint’s response to the pre-order event here.)

So, you will see at the top of this page’s charts, a new home for 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar Coins. We are not sure when the remainder of the Morgan options or the Peace dollar will be up for pre-order, but as it happens, this chart will be fleshed out accordingly. Note that the “CC” and “O” privy-marked coins each had a mintage of 175,000. The official report from the Mint is 174,235 sold of each option.

In other Mint sales news, the 2021 proof sets continue to be top performers. The clad proof set’s showing of 290,708 is up 17,128 from our last reporting two weeks ago. The silver proof set is also gaining ground with a 12,428 increase from our last reporting, with a total of 199,262.