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Mint Statistics: First Armed Forces Medal Hits Charts

U.S. Air Force silver medal. (Images courtesy United States Mint.)

U.S. Air Force silver medal. (Images courtesy United States Mint.)

Overall we’re seeing yet another quiet week for U.S. Mint sales. There are no real standouts as far as numbers sold since last week.

We have, however, added a new section below: Silver Armed Forces Medals. This five-medal series, each honoring a branch of the United States Armed Forces, was kicked off with the release of the 2.5-ounce Air Force medal July 13. It saw initial sales of 9,302 in its first five days of availability.

Gold is quieter this week with no movement in proof Buffaloes and just a small uptick in gold 1-ounce American Eagle bullion coin sales for the month of July from 39,000 last week to 43,500 this week, moving its total for the year so far to 628,000.

Silver had a far better showing. Silver 1-ounce bullion Eagles jumped from a July total of 1,539,000 last week to 2,314,000 this week. Its year-to-date total is now at 18,220,500.

All is quiet on the platinum front, with its 2021 total remaining at 75,000 for the 1-ounce bullion Eagle.

We are seeing the decrease in reported totals for the “CC” and “O” privy mark silver Morgan dollars ease a bit. Totals this week have come down by just 30 and 11, respectively. Consider this the calm before the storm when sales resume with the “D” and “S” mintmark Morgans Aug. 3.