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Entire Market a Buying Opportunity


There are many coincidence barometers that assist in getting a grasp on the true performance of the rare coin market. One of these is jobs posted. Heritage Auctions recently advertised that it is looking for an inventory administrator, numismatic assistant, operations assistant and a numismatist. recently advertised that the online publication is seeking a numismatist for editorial tasks and numismatists. A coin dealer in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., recently posted that it is seeking an account opener/sales representative. The list goes on. These posting speak volumes about the state of the market for coins. 

In early September, Legend Rare Coin Auctions offered a 33-coin Capped Bust half dollar set dating from 1807 to 1839-O, the set ranking second in the current Professional Coin Grading Service Date Set Registry. What appears to be a never-ending supply of rare coins entering the market may be primarily to the benefit of the advanced collector with deep pockets, but their presence encourages other collectors of more modest means to seek the finest examples they can afford. The focus remains on this upper echelon of collecting; however, it hasn’t discouraged buying of more available yet pleasingly collectible coins of all dates and denominations. 

Demand continues to challenge supplies, although perhaps more moderately than earlier in the year. Coin shows and coin clubs continue to report strong attendance. Bullion dealers report sales continuing to be brisk, even though the spot price of gold and silver is not as strong as during early 2022. While some speculators have left the precious metal and intrinsically valued coin market, others see the current dip as a buying opportunity. In general, it appears the entire coin market remains a buying opportunity. There are plenty of coins and plenty of collectors willing to buy them.