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Eagle Prices Dip, Demand Stays Firm


The price of gold and silver American Eagles continues its slow decent as the spot price of each of these two precious metals react to the actions of the U.S. dollar on world exchange markets. Demand for these two coin types remains firm, even healthy despite this situation. This can be interpreted as a major plus sign for the strength of the coin market, especially since alongside made-for-collector U.S. Mint products this is the major gateway through which people typically begin their coin collections.

For now, the precious metal investor continues to take an interest in bullion and bullion-impacted coins as well as gold and silver composition ingots. Recently released Mint products continue their surprising popularity, something such non-circulating legal tender coins did not enjoy in the past.

Demand for somewhat available yet collectible coins continues to be strong, while the scarce to rare coin segment of the market continues to bring record prices, especially for coins certified by third-party services to be in unusually high Mint State grades for their issue. It does not appear that grade rarity will overshadow date rarity, but the interest in both is keen.

A 74-coin collection of California fractional gold coins was to be offered in late October, but demand for rare coins is now worldwide. The auction house of Morton and Eden in London is scheduled to offer a recently discovered undated 1652 New England shilling, 1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree shilling and 1776 Continental dollar. The fact that the coins weren’t consigned to a U.S. auction house speaks volumes for the current international interest in coins.