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Distinct segments determine market

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There is no singular coin market. There are several distinct segments, these being scarce to rare, common yet collectible, and bullion-impacted markets. The scarce to rare market appears to be continuing to fire on all cylinders; however, it is challenging to determine if this market is attracting new buyers or if it is a shrinking market in terms of breadth rather than depth.

The common yet collectible coin market can and often is impacted somewhat by the spot price of precious metals, as well as by the performance of equities markets. Collectors in this realm are strictly using discretionary money for purchases. Right now, this market continues to be steady but does not appear to be expanding.

The bullion-impacted coins include common coins valued more for intrinsic than for collector value as well as bullion issues such as the Uncirculated portion of the American Eagle program. This market rises and falls as does the prices of gold, silver, and platinum. Copper-composition coins are seldom impacted. This market remains active at the moment this commentary is being written.

The price of gold has been gaining modestly in anticipation of the Federal Reserve Bank remaining accommodating for the balance of 2019 due to what is speculated to be a softer dollar on the world market.

The business of coins continues to show promise for the future, but we are still a long way from the pace of about 10 years ago.

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