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Coolidge dollars prove to be popular

Buyers are showing interest in the $100 bag of President Coolidge dollars.The Philadelphia $100 bag sold out this past week, selling 1,989 units. The Denver version is not far behind at 1,955. These numbers are much higher than any other $100 bag sold recently, easily outselling those of President Wilson, another popular president. His bags have been selling since late 2013.

President Hoover dollars appear this week, with the $100 bags also selling well. Some 1,644 Philadelphia bags and 1,655 Denver bags have been sold.

The Mint also sold 2,000 quarter- ounce American Eagle gold bullion coins, the first to be offered this month. Sales of the ounce and tenth ounce moved ahead by a little.

Interest remains high in the 5-ounce America the Beautiful coins, with the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah collector coins outselling any of the 2013 coins. The Arches 5- ounce is on track to do the same shortly.

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