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Commemorative and Collector Coins Remain Strong

The gap between buying and selling coins of intrinsic value continues to narrow as gold bullion firms up its new trading range at about $1,400 an ounce. The gap between the buy and sell on silver bullion coins remains wider, but is also narrowing. Morgan silver dollar retail prices for better grade, but less than rare dates, continue a slow decline.

It appears there are a surprising number of Bust silver dollars currently available, with interest in this area likewise underperforming. Indian cents, always a popular area, have lost some of their luster except for the exceptional examples that are primarily appearing in auctions. Sales of gold coins, regardless of their age or scarcity, remain anemic.

Collectors continue to ignore the low mintage and challenging availability of Platinum American Eagles, now adding First Spouse gold coins to the list of scarce coins that are under-collected.

On the flip side of the coin, there is surprising strength in the better grade Walking Liberty and Franklin half-dollars. Coin prices remain strong at auctions. The trend of offering coins from long time collections through auctions rather than through dealers continues.

Mint sales of commemorative and collector coins remain strong, but as always the secondary market for Proof and Mint sets can be disappointing for most issues, excepting the modern silver issues. Anyone who has been collecting in recent years could likely realize a profit if they sold today, but it remains a collector market with a long way yet to grow.