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Collectors and dealers are in this together

Coin values continue to be a mixed bag. A surprising number of the usually popular Morgan silver dollar coin prices remain even or have declined modestly. Likewise, there have been price decreases in areas including Buffalo nickels, Barber dimes, and Walking Liberty Half dollars.

Since the spot price of gold and silver remain in a tight trading range the price of these metals is being reflected in the current prices for many generic pre-1933 gold coins, generic 20th century business strike silver composition, and modern bullion valued coins.

The interest in better date or better condition coins appears to be on the increase, but has yet to increase values sufficiently to raise any proverbial eyebrows. There appears to be keen interest in new issues, which is always a good sign for the future.

The mint has quickly sold out a number of special issues, followed by strong secondary market prices. One contributing collector recently cautioned that many coin clubs are not prepared for recruitment and retention of novice collectors. The same individual noted modern commemoratives are attractive, but expensive for a novice.

Children still need pennies to develop an interest. Dealers continue to encourage newcomers to collect, with some very innovative efforts now underway. We, that being both collectors and dealers, are in this together. If more people enter the hobby, not only will it make it more enjoyable, but the more we will likely see prices appreciate as well.