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Coins Lead the Way in Hobby Growth

Great American Coin Hunt - Find treasures in your pocket change.

Non-collectors may be soon joining collectors in searching their pocket change as interest increases for the recently released 2022 Maya Angelou quarter, the first in the American Women Quarters Program. As this program progresses, it may entice women as well as men to embrace the hobby.

Another plus for the hobby may be cryptocurrency investors, whom Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) Chairman Mark Salzberg recently observed, “I don’t think they trust stocks.”

Some recently released statistics also indicate that interest in the hobby is continuing to expand. NGC certified 4.9 million coins, tokens and medals in 2021, 16 of which later realized prices in excess of $1 million each. Professional Coin Grading Service recently announced that its key rare coin index rose 16 percent from the same date one year earlier. This index has increased by 6,315 percent since it was initiated in 1970.

Certified Collectibles Group (CCG) said it has now certified nearly 70 million collectibles including coins, bank notes, stamps, comic books, sports cards, trading cards and other collectibles, about 2.5 million of this taking place during the past year. To meet the demand, CCG hired more than 200 additional employees during 2021.

Adding more icing to the cake, New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) promoter Kevin Foley recently observed interest in coins of China as well as coins of the ancient world are also on the increase. Despite a modest decline in attendance, dealers at the NYINC reported strong sales, this following only one week behind the Florida United Numismatists show, which also reported very strong sales.

This is not irrational exuberance. Coins appear to be leading the way as the interest in all collectibles continues to grow.